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Val6 Infrared Heater vs. Torpedo Heater

Most everyone is familiar with a torpedo heater and its use in a garage, barn, or shop area. They are the most common heater to use because of the cheap price, portability and availability. One heater brand that tops any torpedo heater is the Val6 brand.

It's not a secret that a Val6 Heater can be pricey. But in the long run you are saving yourself money through fuel usage! Over a period of 4 months (one season) you will save yourself $1,500 in fuel costs from using a Val6 Heater instead of a torpedo heater.

Below are some comparisons between the two heaters. Without a doubt, a Val6 heater burns cleaner, is more cost friendly, and better for the environment.



X Can only heat small portion of space even with high BTU

​+ Heats large area with low and high BTU

X High Noise Level

+ Quiet Operation

X Forced Air

+ No Forced Hot Air

X Heat Affected by Wind and Mist Conditions

+ No Changes in Heat with Wind and Mist Condition

X Produces High Carbon Monoxide Level

+ Produces Low Carbon Monoxide Level

X Average 1.6/gallon per hour

+ Average .85/gallon per hour

+ Fuel Efficient

+ Clean and Environmentally Friendly

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