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How to Choose the Best Surface Cleaner

There are many makes, models, and brand names of surface cleaners that it is hard to know where to start if you aren’t familiar with them. Surface cleaners are great for cleaning concrete, patio pavers, driveways, and heavy traffic areas. It also works great for cleaning up oily areas, grease, dirt, mud, molds, and mildew.

We carry two Stainless Steel options from Karcher. One is the 21” and the other 24”. These two options are great for any contracting work, shop use, or home owners. The Stainless Steel castors will guarantee you an extended cleaning experience. The great thing about surface cleaners is the water consumption and labor costs they save.

For instance, the 21” stainless steel surface cleaner will reduce water consumption and labor cost by 80%.

A surface cleaner size is determined by the PSI of the machine you have and the size of the area you are cleaning. We would recommend the 24” stainless steel option for larger jobs. The 24” surface cleaner has a larger water flow and more pressure allowing to get the job done faster.

We also carry various other models in addition to the 21” and 24” surface cleaners. If you are a roofer or painter, we have the perfect surface cleaner. Our roof surface cleaner attaches to a long wand and reaches the roof from the ground or on roof level.

The height of the surface cleaner can be adjusted in order to accommodate to the roof texture. This surface cleaner is 20” round.

No matter what surface you are washing, whether its concrete, pavement, stone, brick, or rubber - we have a surface cleaner that will fit your application.

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