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Since 1991, Beco has manufactured custom hot and cold pressure washers to individual client specifications. Whether you’re a contractor, farmer, kennel owner, work for a township or fire department, or are a homeowner, Beco has a pressure washer to meet your requirements. Below is a gallery of some of the custom installs and custom-built units we have provided our customers. We can build a similar model, or you can share your idea and let us make it a reality!

Custom Installs

Chicken Crate Pressure Washer

Chicken Crate Washer

Ease the task of cleaning the chicken coop! Simply place the crates onto the revolving base.

Pressure Washer Install

Wash Install

Norrisville Fire Department wash install

Orchard Ridge Apartments Car Wash

Custom Car Wash

Custom 1400PSI Car Wash for Orchard Ridge Apartments. A compact and time-saving solution!

Pressure Washer Tote Mount


4GPM @ 3500PSI, 275 gal. Water Supply Tote, HD Legacy Pump, 50' Hose, Gun, and 5 Quick Connect Nozzles, Float Valve (shuts water off when tank is full), Hose Reel.

Custom Pressure Washer

Superior Home Services

Superior Home Services Trailer Custom Unit

Hoover Excavating Wash Bay install 1 (1)

Hoover Excavating Wash Bay stall 

Stationary Hot Water Washer

Stationary Hot Water Washer

This custom stationary hot water pressure washer features 5GPM 2300PSI of cleaning power, LP fired burner with a chimney.

Meadow Creek Custom Washer

Custom Build Meadow Creek

A custom-built pressure washer for Meadow Creek BBQ.

Custom Build Pressure Washer

Custom Build Stoltz Mfg.

A custom-built pressure washer for Stoltz Manufacturing.

East Petersburg Fire Department

Wash Install

East Petersburg Fire Department wash system install

Hose Trolley

Hose Trolley

Multiple Hose Trolley. Keeps hoses untangled and off the ground. 

Custom Pressure Washer

EIRCLEAN Custom Washer

This custom hot water pressure washer features 5GPM 3500PSI, 200gal water tank, auto-fill valve, HP hose reel, and GH hose reel.

Tristate Barn wash bay install 3.jpg

Tristate Barn Wash Bay Install 

Tristate Barn install 

Custom Built

High Volume Wash

High Volume Wash Unit

High Volume Wash Unit


Custom Pressure Washer

Custom Built Pressure Washer


Van Installation

5.5 GPM-3500 PSI (Hydro Tek)Hot Water Pressure WasherSS Skid Frame, 26 HP Honda Engine Key Start,Belt Drive Triplex Piston PumpOil Fired 12v Burner

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Orchard Sprayer

Orchard Sprayer used to spray trees and in Green Houses watering or spraying plants.


Custom Trailer Sprayer Setup

Elk Environmental Services specializes in emergency response, environmental remediation, waste management, and industrial cleaning services.

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High Concrete 3.jpg

High Concrete Unit

High Concrete 36 GPM - 1200 PSI Stationary Unit 


Magnum Customer Skid Unit

8 Gpm-3000 Psi Hot Water Pressure Washer. SS Skid Frame, 26 HP Honda Engine Key Start,Belt Drive Triplex Piston Pump

Oil Fired 110V Burner140 deg. Temp. Rise​


Gear Drive Washer

Model HMG5050: 5GPM @ 5000PSI, 26HP, Key Start with 6.5 gal. Marine Gas Tank, 50' Hose, Gun, Nozzle.

Paul Marshal 3.jpg

Truck Mount

Hot Water System with soft wash option


Custom Deck Cleaner

This custom pressure washer for Atkins Deck Treatment Services features 8GPM 3000PSI of cleaning power and a 22HP Honda Engine.

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Made to Order



-3 GPM - 2500 PSI

-5.5 HP Honda

-AR Pump

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