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Pressure Washing A Garage Floor

Most homeowners and shop owners take the time to pressure wash there garage floors every year. To start washing down your garage floors you will need a good quality pressure washer that can take on the project, super duty degreaser, and basic knowledge of how to use both of them.

We will start off with this warning – when pressure washing in small areas, be careful of the high-pressure water spraying back at you. Additionally, be cautious whether you are using an electric or gas pressure washer. You do not want to use a gas-powered pressure washer parked inside a garage as it will emit carbon monoxide gas into your indoor space.

The best way to clean a garage floor is by using Beco Equipment’s Super Duty Degreaser. We recommend sweeping your garage floor to get rid of all the debris and dirt inside first. After the floor is swept, simply apply the Super Duty Degreaser mix to the surface you are washing. The best way to apply our degreaser is with a knapsack sprayer. Allow the degreaser to sit on the surface for a few minutes before washing down. When you allow the degreaser to sit, it will attach to the oil and grime on the floor and loosen the particles up.

Now it’s time to see the results! Start from the back of your shop and work your way forward. Since you are washing with high pressure, it is expected that it may spray on the walls some.

If you want to contain the water a surface cleaner is a great option. A surface cleaner uses two rotating nozzles with a housing to give a uniform clean line. It has a quick connect attachment that connects easily to your hose.

After you are finished washing the garage floor there may be remaining water puddles laying. You may choose to use a squeegee to remove any excess water and push it outdoors.

After your shop is clean, take pride in it and share a picture with us! #becoequipment

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