Pressure Washer Nozzle Coverage

No matter what brand name your pressure washer is, it is important to have the correct nozzle size for your washer. To figure out the nozzle size you need for your pressure washer, Beco uses a Nozzle Chart. We will need your PSI and GPM to determine the correct nozzle size for your washer.

All Beco Equipment Washers come with 5 quick connect nozzles. These nozzles are used for different applications.

0° - Red: The Red Nozzle is referred to as a cutting nozzle. It delivers a concentrated stream that can gauge or cut. It can cut stubborn stains from concentrate and other hard surfaces. This is the maximum blast the quick connect nozzles can do. Do not use this nozzle on cars, wood, or siding as it could damage them.

15° - Yellow: The Yellow Nozzle is referred to as a Chiseling Nozzle. This nozzle is commonly used to prepare surfaces for painting. It is great for removing tough dirt from equipment. Works well for washing grease and grime off concrete.

25° - Green: The Green Nozzle is referred to as a Flushing Nozzle. This nozzle is commonly used for cleaning dirt from siding, sidewalks, and metal furniture. It also works well for washing away wet leaves.

40° - White: The White Nozzle is referred to as a wash nozzle. It is the most wide spread spray pattern. It allows you to wash and rinse a large area fast. It is commonly used for washing aluminum siding, windows, and vehicles.

Black Soap Nozzle: The Black Nozzle is referred to as a soap nozzle. This nozzle has the widest spray span of 65°, and a larger orifice. The larger orifice is due to a decrease in velocity and an increase in pressure in the hose. The increase in pressure allows for soap to be pulled from a tote or bucket and applied to your surface.

Turbo Nozzle: One of the most useful nozzles Beco carries in stock is a turbo nozzle. This nozzle combines the force of the 0° nozzle with the spray pattern of a 25° nozzle and also adds in pulsing action by rotating the water jet 1800 - 3000 rpm. This will create a round cone shape on the surface you are washing.

More Force + Larger Spray Pattern = Get the job done faster!