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With its advanced technology, the Daystar brings you both infrared heat and forced air heat by adopting a dual heating system. The Daystar with its well-honed technology is perfect for spot space heating in a large open area.

Weighing only 40 pounds, the Daystar is ultra portable and can be used virtually anywhere you need to stay warm, indoors and out.

Val6 Daystar Space Heater

Heat Output 51,200 BTU/hr
Fuel Type Diesel, Kerosene
Tank Capacity 2.6 gallons
Operating Time 6 hours
Power Source 120V, 60Hz, single phase
Power Consumption 120 W
Safety Devices Photocell flame monitor, 3A Fuse, Overheat prevention system, Tip-over switch
Burner Type High Pressure spray gun type
External Dimensions (HxWxD) 23.4x12.2x22.8 in
Dry Weight 40lbs
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