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Privacy Policy

What Beco Collects

When you browse our website, we collect information about your online conduct through the use of cookies. When you post a message to our website, we collect information about your message and identify the category.

Ordering and Shipping

Your personal information is important to us, so we take steps to protect it.

Beco Equipment LLC does not have online ordering at this time. All orders must be placed over the phone or in person. Shipping fees will be given upon purchase order.

We primarily use UPS for shipping for orders outside of Lancaster County, and out of State. For orders locally, we may also ship 9-5.

Website Message Posts

By posting a message to our website, you accept that your name, email, and any other information you give will be analyzed and stored for anti-spam and quality monitoring purposes.

Use of Personally Identifiable Information and Aggregate Information

We do not share, rent or sell personally identifiable information (PII) or aggregated information to anyone outside Beco Equipment team.

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